Paul Moni

Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Paul Moni is highly experienced in the area of corporate governance, risk management and financial reporting. He provides consultancy services via his company, Moni Solutions Pty Ltd. Paul is currently a director of a number of entities, including an insurance company regulated by APRA, and was recently appointed by the Supreme Court of Queensland to chair a committee in respect to a major commercial dispute.Paul worked as a director with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and was an audit partner and registered company auditor with Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers), working in various locations including London, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. Paul was an Honorary Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland Business School and is a former National President of Chartered Secretaries Australia.

During his period at ASIC he was responsible for coordinating ASIC’s liaison with the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board (CALDB), and being an expert witness at CALDB and related AAT Hearings.

Peter Wyatt

Managing Director and CEO

Peter Wyatt has over 33 years experience in the business sector. He is well known for his drive, innovation and entrepreneurial flair. He sits on the Board of a number of private companies in which he holds various equity interests, bringing extensive experience in high growth organisations, and establishing robust risk management and sensible corporate governance.

Peter is the Managing Director, CEO and majority shareholder and financier of Record Holdings Pty Ltd. In 2004, Peter and Tony Douglass purchased Auscript, with Peter becoming the CEO and Managing Director in August 2008 to lead a strategic restructure of the group.

After completing a Bachelor of Business, Peter qualified as a Chartered Accountant and moved into the Insurance industry. He established his own claims management and loss adjustment company in 1982, achieving outstanding success and growth of the business. In 1997, Peter introduced a large US company into his organisation as an equal shareholder changing the name to Wyatt Gallagher Bassett. As Managing Director, he grew the company into Australia’s largest claims management company, with over 300 staff in offices throughout Australia. In 2003, Peter sold his interest in the business to his US partners.

Tony Douglass

Executive Director

Based in the United States, Tony Douglass is Auscript’s Executive Director and its second largest shareholder. He is also the President of US based Court Record Solutions. Tony brings almost 20 years of digital audio and justice systems experience, and an outstanding reputation based on integrity and proven capability in high profile government justice inquiries and projects.

Whilst completing his Bachelor of Communications degree, Tony acquired a recording studio in Sydney to pursue his interests in audio engineering where he provided services to a number of Australia’s top international artists. He further developed the business to provide postproduction television services, producing some of Australia’s first 3D animated children’s television series that have been syndicated internationally. In the early 1990s, when digital audio production technology was in its infancy, the NSW Premier’s Department contracted Tony to provide forensic digital audio services for specialist inquiries.

Tony sold his interests in the recording studio and television production businesses to develop his career as a forensic audio enhancement engineer and court technology consultant. During this time, he trained under Bruce Koenig, the former Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Voice Processing Unit, gaining qualifications in digital audio enhancement and authenticity analysis. He has provided expert services for all of Australia’s police services with some high profile cases requiring in-court expert testimony in support of his findings. Tony went on to create Evidence Technology Pty Limited, Australia’s first specialist electronic courtroom systems provider. His clients included the NSW Police Royal Commission, for which his work was recognised by US court technology leaders as the first true ‘eCourt’ to be implemented for an ongoing inquiry in the world.

Tony’s business grew to provide courtroom technology solutions to most of Australia’s major inquiries including the HIH Royal Commission, The Building Industry Royal Commission, Snow Town murders Inquiry, The NSW Police Integrity Commission and the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption. He provided technology consultancy services to the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia and the NSW Attorney General’s Department.

When the opportunity arose to acquire Auscript, Tony saw the potential to revolutionise Auscript’s recording and transcription services through innovative digital technology. Since that time, Tony has established relationships and developed innovative technology to provide clients with the fastest, most precise and secure recordings and transcripts.

Dr Nick Tate

Executive Director

Nick has 35 years international experience in Information Technology (IT). He has worked throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East and the USA, including 10 years at CIO level in the university sector, 20 years in investment banking, three years in the defence sector and two years in the engineering industry.

In March 2012, Auscript appointed Nick to the Board to provide his significant IT expertise and support informed decision-making to develop the company’s infrastructure and recording and transcription technologies. He has extensive experience in leadership, the strategic application of IT, and management of both national and global IT infrastructure and service delivery. The Boards particular interest lay in his extensive background and knowledge in IT and systems security.

Since 1999, Nick has been Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) at The University of Queensland (UQ) and Director of Australia’s National Internet Security group, AusCERT, which runs the largest IT security conference in Australia.

Nick has also been responsible for managing one of the largest private networks in Queensland, with over 70,000 users, as well as developing UQ’s own commercial ISP. He led a team of over 250, providing services from software development to infrastructure support.

Nick is a Director of telecommunications carrier, AARNet Pty Ltd and Higher Ed Services Pty Ltd, as well as Chair of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) in Queensland, a member of the ACS national board and an executive member of the Queensland ICT Industry Workgroup.

John George

Non-Executive Director

John attended Villanova College in Brisbane from 1968 to 1976 and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Business – Marketing Major at the Queensland Institute of Technology, which he completed in 1979. During that time he was Student Representative on the Queensland Institute of Technology Board (1979). In 1981 he founded and successfully operated one of Australia’s most successful wholesale providing businesses, The Surfers Paradise Markets, before selling it in 1991.

Between 1981 and 2005 John founded or acquired, merged, operated and/or sold 10 other food related businesses across manufacturing, retail and wholesaling on the East Coast of Australia. During this period, he also founded, successfully managed and operated Australia’s largest fresh and chilled salad manufacturer – Mrs. Crockets Kitchen, before selling it in 2005. In 2002, in recognition of his outstanding entrepreneurial flair and proven ability, John was recognised by the Queensland University of Technology Business Studies Faculty as the Most Outstanding Alumnus for 2002.

During his involvement with the food industry John was:

  • A member of Advisory Committee to International Food Institute of Queensland (pre 2000)
  • Director of the Board of The Centre for Food Technology (pre 2000)
  • Chairman of the Board of the Centre for Food Technology (2000 +)
  • Member of the Advisory group for SME to the Supermarket to Asia Council (post 2000)

After selling his business in 2005, John has involved himself in his family company business interests as an Executive Director of The George Group, which includes private equity and property, management and development investments. He was also Director of the Board of The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation 2008 and a member of the Finance & Risk Committee for The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation 2011.

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